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  • Career Opportunity !!!

    Web Designer/ Developer Requirement. - Candidate must possess at least a Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia,...
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  • Century Of Children

    Award Web Design - Extreme web design with story, products & Books. This is like an...
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  • City Of Light

    Recently, we see there are trend as video mixing into web to create the thriller...
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  • Young People Websites!

    People behaviour change with modern technology. Today there are even more people obtain...

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Little Introduction

Weebernet Web Design is a unique web design company based in Penang. With heartily passion in Art Work combine with modern web design technology, We emphasis fine art & culture value fully blend into the modern web design.

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Ipoh Branch

dexter-bong-3FLEAVE DESIGN is a Ipoh web design and development company that delivers quality website and applications. Since year 2007, we have been building websites after websites and even more websites. Our founder is an Web Technology Specialist with more than 10 years of solid experience in the web industry.

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